Construction and improvement in pavilions and prison spaces for adults and minors

What is the goal of the investment?

The measure intends to build, in areas already available to the prison administration, eight new "model" pavilions destined for imprisoned adults, to combat overcrowding and strengthen rehabilitation areas.  The measure will safeguard four prisons destined for minors, also ensuring energy efficiency, and the expansion of spaces destined for teaching activities and professional formation.  

Total investment cost 132.9 million
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional Details

The interventions proposed in the plan relating to the criminal justice system are consistent and in continuity with the programme of modernisation and efficiency of the Italian judicial system, which in its entirety cannot ignore the sentence implementation system. According to the dictates of our Constitution, the punishment must be inspired by the principles of humanity and focus on re-education and reintegration. The investment pursues these objectives by following two paths, with the same number of sub-investments.  With regard to the first sub-investment relating to the "Improvement of spaces and quality of prison life in adult prisons", eight new "model" pavilions will be built by mid-2026. With regard to the second sub-investment relating to"Structural adaptation, increase in energy efficiency and anti-seismic interventions of four state-owned complexes of prisons for minors", interventions will be carried out on 32,000 square metres of buildings by mid-2026.

What are the benefits?

Improve existing correctional facilities to:
  • Ensure the health and rehabilitation of adult and juvenile prisoners
  • Prevent relapse, violence, and suicide
  • Respect international standards on human rights

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates