Integrated funds for the competitiveness of tourism businesses

What is the goal of the investiment?

Increase the quality of hospitality and strengthen sustainable tourism, favouring renewable sources with lower energy consumption. There are several interventions and they aim to improve mountain tourism both in terms of infrastructure as well as in terms of services, restore historical buildings thanks also to the entry of private capital, facilitate access to credit for entrepreneurs and renovate hospitality facilities.

Total investment cost 1.78 bn
  • Youth
Additional details

The measure includes a tax credit for work aimed at improving accommodation facilities, a guarantee fund to facilitate access to credit for companies in the sector (through a dedicated section of the SME Guarantee Fund), the set-up of the EIB Thematic Fund for tourism to support investment in the sector and an equity fund (National Tourism Fund) for the redevelopment of properties with high tourist potential.  An additional financial instrument (Revolving Fund) will complement the aforementioned measures in support of businesses operating in the tourism sector.  The interventions must be undertaken according to the investment policies in line with the goals of Regulation (EU) 2021/241, also regarding the application of the principal of 'not causing significant damage', as further explained in the Technical Guide on the application of 'not causing significant damage' pursuant to the regulation on the recovery and resilience instrument (2021/C58/01).

What are the benefits?

Funding tourism businesses means having:
  • Renovated hotels and improved attractions that are therefore more competitive
  • More tourism and more work for the entire sector
  • Innovation and sustainability of accommodation facilities
  • Opportunities for young people and for all seasonal workers

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates