What is the goal of the investment?

To accelerate implementation of the National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility by purchasing low-emission buses, electric- and hydrogen-powered trains, railway cars developed with recyclable materials and covered with photovoltaic panels, electric, hybrid or gas vehicles for the institutional services of the Fire Department.

For this investment, an additional € 600 million is expected to be financed by the Complementary Plan.

Total investment cost 3.639 bn
  • Youth
  • Gender equality
Additional details

Sustainable mobility would come to pass (especially) through the renewal of our old public transport fleet: buses and trains destined for local and regional transport would benefit, as well as the vehicles used by fire-fighters.  We expect a purchase by 2026 of approximately 3000 buses outfitted with digital functionality (a third of the resources will be destined for major Italian cities), 50 new trains and 100 electrically propelled and hydrogen driven carriages, 3600 electric and bio-methane driven fire-fighting vehicles for the total renewal of the fleet of vehicles used by fire-fighters and 200 hybrid vehicles to be used in airports. The investment also expects the creation of 875 re-charging stations.  

What are the benefits?

  • Substitution of old buses with approximately 3000 low emission vehicles.
  • Elimination of the oldest diesel locomotives thanks to 53 new electrically propelled and hydrogen driven trains, accompanied by 100 carriages outfitted with solar panels.
  • Total renewal of the fleet of vehicles used by fire-fighters with 3600 electric and gas vehicles
  • 200 new hybrid driven vehicles in airports

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates