What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of this investment is to develop integrated, harmonised, state-of-the-art, citizen-oriented digital services and to ensure their widespread adoption among central and local administrations and improve the user experience.  The aim is therefore to improve the digital services offered to citizens as a direct consequence of transforming the "basic" elements of the Public Administration's digital architecture, including cloud infrastructure and data interoperability. The number of services that will be integrated depends on the type of administration, but the end goal of each Milestone is to have an average of 50 services for the Municipalities, 20 services for the Regions, 20 services for health authorities, and 15 services for schools and universities.

For this investment, an additional € 350 million is expected to be financed by the Complementary Plan.

Total investment cost 2.01 bn
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

The measure must:

  • improve the experience of digital public services by defining reusable service delivery models that guarantee satisfaction of full accessibility requirements through the dedicated investment, "Citizen experience - Improvement of the quality and usability of digital public services.
  • improve the accessibility of digital public services through the dedicated investment, "Citizen inclusion: improving the accessibility of digital public services".
  • encourage the adoption of the digital application for payments between citizens and public administrations (PagoPa) and the adoption of the "IO" app as the main digital touchpoint between citizens and administration for a wide range of services, including notifications, acting as a "one-stop shop", through the dedicated investment, "Scaled-up adoption of the PagoPA platform services and the "IO" app".
  • encourage the adoption of national digital identity platforms (Public Digital Identity System, SPID and Electronic Identity Card, CIE) and of the National Registry (National Registry of the Resident Population, ANPR) through the dedicated investment, "Scaling up the National. Digital Identity Platforms (SPID, CIE) and the National Register (ANPR)"
  • develop a single platform for notifications through the dedicated investment, "Digitalisation of public notices".
  • promote the adoption of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) paradigms in metropolitan cities to digitalise local transport and provide users with an integrated mobility experience from travel planning to payments through multiple modes of transport through the dedicated investment, "Mobility as to Service for Italy". 

What are the benefits?

  • Increasing number of potential beneficiary companies with the substitution of hyper-depreciation
  • Greater investments in tangible and intangible capital goods 4.0 and standard intangible investment assets (for tax credits submitted in tax returns between 2021 and 2023)
  • Greater intangible investments in capital goods, research, development and innovation (for tax credits submitted in tax returns between 2022 and 2023)
  • Digitalisation training and development of related skills (for tax credits submitted in tax returns between 2022 and 2023)

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key steps