Safe roads - Implementation of a dynamic monitoring system for remotely controlling bridges, viaducts and tunnels (ANAS).

What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of the investment is to implement a dynamic remote controlled system on structures belonging to Sistema Nazionale Integrato dei Trasporti [Integrated National System of Transport] (SNIT) to guarantee the safety of 12,000 bridges e 1,600 tunnels, improving planning for necessary interventions against deterioration and seismic risks.

Total investment cost 450 million
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Youth
Additional details

One of the main factors preventing the successful planning of maintenance work needed to ensure safe connections between the country's most important economic centres is the lack of sufficient information, data and knowledge about the state of maintenance of bridges, viaducts, flyovers and tunnels on the road network.  The 450 million euro project will implement an integrated census, classification and risk management system for 12,000 works on the SNIT national network, of which 6,500 will be instrumented. Within the scope of the works to be audited, the adoption of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) model is foreseen for 200 of them. On this basis, the most critical structures will be selected, where technological monitoring will be applied and repair, safety or replacement works will be planned.  A number of pilot projects will also be developed, characterised by the use of innovative intervention techniques and materials. 

What are the benefits?

A remote control system for motorway facilities to:
  • Planning the necessary interventions
  • Optimise the cost-benefit analysis
  • Ensuring high standards of safety
  • Infrastructure has less environmental impact

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key steps