What is the goal of the investment?

Build the infrastructure necessary to promote the development of electrical mobility, increase the number of vehicles (public and private) with zero emissions and reduce the environmental impact of transports, creating by 2026 over 20,000 fast-charging points on highways and urban centres.

Total investment cost 741.3 million
  • Youth
  • Gender equality
Additional details

Mobility based on electrical vehicles, especially within urban centres, represents an important opportunity for de-carbonisation. Still today in Italy it is strictly limited, due to the scarce diffusion of charging points.  To meet Europe's de-carbonisation targets, a fleet of around 6 million electric vehicles is expected by 2030, requiring around 31,500 public fast-charging points. The investment therefore expects the development of 7500 stations on highways and over 13000 in the cities, to which we will add 100 experimental re-charging points geared towards stocking energy.

What are the benefits?

  • Favour the diffusion of electric vehicles, even for long trips.
  • Decrease the use of non-renewable sources of energy in favour of renewable sources
  • Possibility for everyone to use the public charging points
  • Favour the development of businesses in that sector

Key steps and expenses envisaged

Key Dates