What is the goal of the investment?

The investment aims to use assets confiscated from the mafias to promote social and residential inclusion  for fragile individuals, at risk for poverty, without fixed abode, victims of violence, elderly, disabled individuals as well ethnic Roma individuals.  These interventions shall also help re-generate public spaces and strengthen citizen services, generate common spaces for youths,  promote the employment of youths and individuals at risk of exclusion while also creating hubs to boost creativity, socialisation and innovation. Lastly, they may help promote legality, by opening Police, Carabinieri and Civil Protection agencies, thereby facilitating integration processes for migrants. 

Total investment cost 300 million
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

The measure aims to return a significant number of confiscated assets to the community, for the purpose of promoting economic and social development (including job creation)  This will help generate legal facilities in support of a more transparent economy and promote the fight against organised crime. The measure entails the re-qualification and valuation of at least 200 assets confiscated from organised crime, to boost social housing, urban regeneration and consolidation of public proximity services, consolidation of socio-cultural services to help youths and an increase in job opportunities.

What are the benefits?

Valuation of assets confiscated from the mafias to:
  • Use buildings and assets that have not been used to date
  • Generate new jobs
  • Promote the social inclusion of fragile individuals
  • Provide new spaces for youth aggregation
  • Create barracks and police stations for a safer territory
  • Create hubs that promote creativity and socialisation, especially among youths

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates