What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of the investment is to improve structural safety - from an anti-seismic perspective - in 116 hospitals, identified during an inspection conducted by the Ministry of Health.

For this investment, an additional € 1.45 billion is expected to be financed by the Complementary Plan.

Total investment cost 1.64 bn
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

Two investment lines will be applied to meet the outlined goals:

• Seismic improvement and re-qualification processes in hospital structures identified in the assessment of the requirements set forth by the Regions.

• Multi-annual intervention aimed at renewing and modernising the technological and physical layout of public-health real estate assets.  

What are the benefits?

Anti-seismic consolidation tasks will ensure:
  • Safer hospital structures
  • Re-qualification of the workplace for health workers
  • Greater patient safety
  • An improvement in the structures' environmental impact

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates