ReGiS – The NRRP single management system

Who it is intended for

The ReGiS information system is accessed by the Mission Units set up in the titular central administrations, the offices and structures involved in the implementation of the Plan and the implementing bodies. In addition, all institutional stakeholders actively involved in the NRRP also have access in consultation mode.



Financial and Implementation Planning:

This implements the Plan's Programming and Reprogramming processes and defines the indicators and related performance targets.

Activation procedure management:

This activates the procedures for selecting projects to achieve the goals of the Plan.

Configuration and operation management:

This manages projects and related registry information.

Reporting phase:

Expenditure reporting incurred for selected projects with the related costs accrued and goals achieved.

Checks and controls:

Records the results of verification and control activities to ensure the eligibility of expenditure and the effective achievement of the Plan's objectives.

Financing Process:

This manages the requests for disbursement of resources and the recording of the related financial flow.


This manages monitoring activities both at measure level, through ongoing and continuous monitoring of Milestones and Targets, and at Project level in relation to physical, procedural and financial progress.

System and operations audits:

This manages the outcomes of system audits, operations audits and validation tests against the actual accomplishment of goals.




Through its management functions and reporting tools, it enables centralised programme governance.

Integrated process management:

It allows coverage of the entire project management process.

Efficiency and transparency:

It enables more streamlined administrative processes and greater transparency in terms of resources used and results achieved.

Administrative Reinforcement Support:

It supports administrative strengthening processes through a single, centralised service.

Application cooperation:

It ensures integration with external systems and databases and interoperability with local government systems.



Useful documents


All the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Regis to help professionals understand its functionality, services and how to use it.

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