The NRRP reforms

The Plan includes 63 reforms

Three types of reforms are envisaged: horizontal reforms, enabling reforms and sectoral reforms.


The horizontal reforms are cross to all the Missions of the Plan, improving the equity, efficiency, competitiveness and economic climate of the country.


The Italian judicial process is often slow, obscuring the real value of justice. A fast and high-quality legal system drives competition: in fact, there is a close correlation between justice and economics. The country’s economic recovery is therefore conditional on the approval of effective reforms and investments. For this reason, the goal of all of the reforms in this sector is the reduction in the length of legal proceedings.

What are the interventions envisaged and how will they be implemented?

Public Administration

Generational turnover in PA (Public Administration) has been slow and partial in the last decade. In addition to this, PA must manage a series of structured and complex regulations and procedures which have become embedded and contradictory and which impact negatively on the growth potential of public and private investment. The reform therefore seeks to simplify organisational procedures in order to provide public goods and services tailored to the needs of citizens and businesses.

What are the main priorities and how will they be implemented?

Documents to download

To find out all the details about the Reforms, download the Plan (italian version) (PDF, 4,9Mb)