This section includes the main in-depth documents on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan is the instrument which using Next Generation Europe funds will make Italy more equitable, sustainable and inclusive. The plan will help build a new Italy, leaving behind the pandemic's economic and social impact.


This document introduces the European Union's main recommendations to Member States, and advice on how to best manage them.


The Analysis of the recovery and resilience plan of Italy Accompanying the document Proposal for a COUNCIL IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the approval of the assessment of the recovery and resilience plan for Italy.


Recommendations of the Council of the European Union, based on the analysis of the Italian situation, to overcome the COVID-19 crisis


Description of the reforms and investments foreseen in the Recovery and Resilience Plan; presentation of the targets, the objectives, the indicators and the timetable for the monitoring and implementation of financial support


Presentation of key measures to ensure Italy's digital transition and those to strengthen Italy's economic and social resilience


Q&A for a guide to understanding the Recovery and Resilience Plan, investments and reform and their implementation


The Regulation identifies the criteria for determining how each economic activity contributes substantially to the protection of the ecosystem, without causing damage to any of the established environmental objectives 


The document represents 213 target (qualitative results) and 314 milestone (quantitative results)  verifiable within the implementation of the actions provided in the Italian recovery and resilience plan. Italy can request and obtain from the EC the funding only if it reaches the goals and objectives agreed, in line with the predefined timetable.


The document represents the framework for investments and reforms of the NRRP and the Complementary Plan to the NRRR.


The document represents the financial framework for the investments and reforms of the NRRP.


The document represents the milestone and target of the NRRP to be achieved for each six-monthly payment request installment to the European Commission.

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