Italia Domani, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

A new country is ready to start with Italia Domani, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

Italia Domani will build a valuable legacy for future generations in order to achieve a more robust, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Italy will have a more efficient and digitized public administration. Italian citizens will benefit from more modern, sustainable and widespread transport. The investments and reforms included in Italia Domani will make the country more territorially cohesive, with a more dynamic labour market and without gender or age discrimination. Public health will be more modern and closer to people.

Italia Domani is part of Next Generation EU, an economic recovery project dedicated to member states.

Italy integrates the NRRP with a Complementary Fund, endowed with additional resources equal to €30.6 billion.

The Plan in Missions

The Plan primarily consists of 6 Missions or Policy Areas which correspond to the 6 pillars of the EU Next Generation Plan. They cascade into Components which address specific challenges and are structured into Investments and Reforms.

Italy must combine creativity, practicality and design expertise so that we leave future generations a more modern Italy within a stronger and more united Europe.
Mario Draghi