Capacity building for culture operators to manage the digital and green transition

What is the goal of this investment?

The general goal of the investment is to support the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors in line with the two transitions (technological and environmental) promoted by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. In fact, even the cultural and tourism sector cannot afford to tackle these issues with an approach that is too weak.

Total investment cost 155 million
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

It is broken down into two lines of action: 

• The one entitled "Supporting the recovery of cultural activities by promoting innovation and the use of digital technology along the entire value chain" aims to support cultural and creative operators in the implementation of digital strategies and in increasing their management capabilities.

• The one entitled "Promoting a green approach along the entire cultural and creative supply chain", on the other hand, aims to encourage an eco-sustainable approach along the entire cultural supply chain, thereby reducing the ecological footprint and promoting innovative and inclusive eco-design in order to orientate the public towards more responsible, environmentally-friendly behaviour.

As with other investments, for the purpose of guaranteeing that the measure is in conformance with the Technical Guide, "Do not cause significant damage" (2021/C58/01), the criteria for admissibility contained in the reference terms for the next invitations to present projects excludes the following list of activities: 

• activities related to fossil fuels, including the use of downstream chain

• activities connected with the EU Emission Trading System (ETS) whose expected greenhouse gas emissions are not below the relevant reference parameters

• activities relating to landfills, incinerators and mechanical biological treatment plants;

• activities in which the long term disposal of refuse can cause environmental damage.  Moreover, the financial contract states that only activities in conformance with pertinent EU and national legislation can be selected. 

What are the benefits?

Re-launch and reorganize cultural and creative activities to:
  • Encourage the recovery of the sector, severely affected by the crisis
  • Improve the management of activities and therefore the economic sustainability of the sector
  • Improve offerings in terms of shows and entertainment, with a benefit for everyone
  • Reduce the ecological impact, for a more sustainable world also from an environmental perspective

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates