What is the goal of the investment?

The investment aims to offer nearby healthcare to residents, thereby ensuring service primarily to the older population, as well as reducing the number of non-urgent hospitalizations. In this way, local health services will be coordinated more efficiently and quickly to tend to the citizens' needs. 

Total investment cost 2 bn
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

 A "single access point" for health services will be created, to manage  each patient's medical database and an electronic healthcare record to ensure and facilitate equal access to care.  The project consists in  creating and operationalising 1,350 Community Health Houses, by activating, developing and aggregating primary healthcare services, as well as creating energetically efficient assistance centres, to provide an integrated response to health needs. Institutional Development Contracts will be generated between the Ministry of Health, Local Health Authorities (ASL) and relevant regional authorities, to reduce the time required for normal negotiation procedures, such as Service Conferences. 

What are the benefits?

Creating Care Homes will ensure
  • Nearby Health Services
  • Decreased pressure on hospitals
  • Digitalisation of health records

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key steps