What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of the investment is to strengthen the skills of Public Administration personnel by means of 100 online courses using an innovative approach, the activation of training vouchers, the introduction of Communities of Practice and the development of managerial transformation projects for 480 administrations.

Total investment cost 489,9 million
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

The strengthening of administrative capacity is achieved by vertical investments dedicated to strengthening personnel skills , acting on three synergistic areas:

• A wide range of online courses for reskilling and upskilling of human capital (MOOCs, i.e. Massive Open Online Courses). In fact, the use of MOOCs represents an innovative and scalable approach that will allow reaching a wide audience of beneficiaries. These courses will focus on the priorities of the NRRP and the managerial skills needed for a modern and effective public administration.

• "Communities of Practice" are introduced to develop and cross-fertilise best practices within the Public Administration. The ambition is to implement around 20 of these subject-specific communities (e.g. on human capital, digital transformation, green transformation, etc.), which are cross-functional to the administrations.

• Thanks to the co-financing of the 2021-2027 Structural Funds, a series of small/medium sized administrations are being supported with dedicated change management projects, to confront the new challenges of remote working and the simplification and digitisation of procedures

What are the benefits?

A more competent PA, updated to modern managerial models thanks to:
  • A wide offering of online courses for personnel to learn new and different skills for digital and green transformation, social innovation and managerial skills
  • The implementation of communities of skill to deploy innovative projects within the Public Administrations, in addition to the use of vouchers for retraining to meet new demands
  • Support for the transformation of the operating model of the administrations

Key steps

Key Dates