What is the goal of the investment?

To spread among the citizens, and especially among the new generations, culture and awareness of the environmental challenges that must be faced and the most sustainable lifestyles to adopt. A big omni-channel campaign (podcasts, video, documentaries and print) will involve artists, opinion leaders and a wide variety of testimonials to reach the maximum number possible of the target audience.

Total investment cost 30 million
  • Youth
Additional details

To successfully confront the ecological transition the citizens' collaboration is fundamental.  Thus we need to create a greater awareness about climate change and its consequences, to educate individuals, families and communities about more sustainable lifestyles and consumption, promote the adoption of proper behaviours, at the community level as well, involving teachers and local opinion makers. Omni-channel content will be produced for this purpose (120 podcasts, 50 school videos, 30 documentaries, 200 articles in the national press) focused on the most burning topics: climate change, the role of renewable energy, sustainability of the atmosphere and global temperatures, the role of the oceans, water reserves, individual ecological impact, the circular economy and the new agriculture.  An online platform will be made available, with all of the most relevant educational material on environmental subjects; influencers and thought leaders will be involved to maximize the diffusion of the most important messages.

What are the benefits?

  • spread awareness of the environmental challenges that must be faced at a collective level
  • inform the citizenry, and especially the youngest, about the proper behaviours that can reduce their individual ecological impact
  • create a widespread culture of sustainable lifestyles

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates