What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of the investment is to strengthen the defences of the Italian Public Administration to protect it from all cyber threats, such as fraud, extortion and terrorist attacks and all the risks posed by cybercrime. It will therefore be possible to monitor and prevent risks through an integrated system (PSNC) covering the whole of Italy that is connected globally with partners and companies that supply the necessary technology. 

Total investment cost 623 million
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

In particular, the integrated system will be developed through the implementation of a "National Cybersecurity Plan" (PSNC), in line with the security requirements established by Directive (EU) 2016/ 1148 on the security of networks and information systems (NIS Directive), by strengthening national cyber defence capabilities for technical inspection and risk monitoring. The measure, therefore, envisages the development of a state-of-the-art system, closely interconnecting different bodies throughout Italy country and connecting globally with trusted partners and technology suppliers. The infrastructure for the PSNC (National Cybersecurity Security Plan), through the creation of various structures and bodies collaborating to improve the security of Italy, will be an operational structure connected at a European level with a high-performance computing infrastructure, through a new National IT Security Agency and a Tech screening" network, led by the National Cybersecurity Screening and Certification Laboratory. The investment is divided into four pillars:

• strengthening front-line capabilities with the public, companies and bodies to manage publicly recognised alerts and actual events;

• building and strengthening Italy's capabilities of inspecting and auditing hardware and software used by parties with essential functions, to certify reliability and prevent threats;

• strengthening law enforcement and IT units within the Police Forces in charge of investigating criminal activities (State Police, Carabinieri Armed Service, IT Defence Unit, Security Operations Centre of the Finance Police);

• significantly strengthening IT and human resources responsible for national security and cyber threat response. 

What are the benefits?

More effective monitoring procedures against cyber threats in order to:
  • Store the data of Municipalities, Provinces, Regions securely
  • Intercept cyber attacks as soon as possible and block them immediately
  • Strengthen the Police Forces in charge of investigations with new human, technological and financial resources

Key steps

Key Dates