What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of this investment is to ensure full interoperability of the main data sets and services between central and local governments. Another goal, commonly the first, will be the harmonisation of the priority service procedures of the "Single Digital Gateway" directive with other EU countries. It will be necessary to change the interconnection procedures between the administration databases, through a centralised catalogue of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). In this way, information on citizens is available to all government agencies in an immediate, simple and effective way.

Total investment cost 646 million
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

The measure envisages the development of a "National Digital Data Platform" that guarantees the interoperability of datasets through a catalogue of APIs shared between central and local governments. Once implemented, this platform will guarantee the interoperability of the datasets through a catalogue of APIs shared between central and local governments.
The platform will allow agencies to:
• publish their own APIs (Application Programming Interface) on the Platform's API Catalogue
• establish and sign digital interoperability agreements through the Platform
• authenticate and authorise access to the APIs using the Platform features
• validate and assess compliance with the national interoperability framework.
In addition, the measure also provides for the development of a “Single Digital Gateway” in compliance with EU Regulation 2018/1724, which will be managed to help central and public administrations to restructure priority procedures and processes, allowing the fulfilment of the "one-time" principle. The necessary legal acts include implementing legislation concerning in particular
• the regulation of the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) on the National Strategic Hub (PSN) (established by article 33-septies of Legislative Decree 179/212)
• the AgID Guidelines on interoperability (established by articles 50 and 50ter of the Digital Administration Code (CAD).

What are the benefits?

  • Having information on citizens and companies in one place through an easily accessible National Data Platform to avoid having to be provided more than once.
  • The creation of a Single Digital Gateway in accordance with European regulations.

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates