What is the goal of the investment?

Improve and modernise university programmes (including PhDs) to foster digitalisation and a culture of innovation and internationalisation. In particular, a group of 500 PhD students will be involved in teaching dedicated to the digital and environmental transition. Three Teaching and Learning Centres (TLCs) will then be created to improve the skills of university and school teachers, as well as three Digital Education Hubs (DEH) to improve the education system's ability to offer digital education to students and academics

Total investment cost 500 million
  • Youth
Additional details

The 500 PhD students in new subjects related to the environment and digital in particular will follow curricula that will have as their basis open digital training, a strengthening of the role of the university and international scientific cooperation. Ten transnational educational initiatives will also be carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to support 5 AFAM (Higher Artistic, Music and Dance) internationalisation projects to promote abroad its role of preserving and promoting Italian culture.

What are the benefits?

University programmes will be enhanced through:
  • More PhDs in digital and environmental transition areas
  • Greater skills among university lecturers and teachers
  • Promotion of Italian culture abroad

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates