What is the goal of the investment?

Expand the hydrogen market in Italy by creating  a large industrial plant for the production of electrolysers, electro-chemical devices that allow for the breakup of water molecules separating hydrogen from oxygen. We estimate reaching approximately 1 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2026.

Total investment cost 450 million
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Additional details

Green hydrogen is a fundamental element in the process of industry, transport and tertiary de-carbonisation: according to the scenario envisaged by "Hydrogen Roadmap Europe: A sustainable path for the European electrical transition" by 2050, H2 would cover up to 24% of energy demands and contribute to the reduction of 560 million tons of CO2 emissions, contemporaneously creating 5.4 million jobs. About 5 GW of electrolysis capacity is expected to be installed in Italy by 2030. The inauguration has set its sights on inaugurating by 2026, the first large Italian plant for the production of electrolysers, consolidating proprietary expertise and participating in an H2 European production and use chain. In addition on the agenda, developing further technologies needed to support hydrogen end-use (e.g. fuel cells for trucks) is planned. 

What are the benefits?

  • Larger Italian hydrogen production (1 GW electrolysis capacity by 2026)
  • More easily available H2 in order to de-carbonise industry, transport and tertiaries
  • Creation of new jobs and proprietary expertise

Key steps and expenses envisaged

Key Dates