What is the goal of the investment?

The aim of this investment is to guarantee that Public Administration systems, datasets and applications are hosted in highly reliable data centres with high standards of quality in terms of security, performance, scalability, European interoperability and energy efficiency. To this end, the investment involves the creation of a cutting-edge national hybrid infrastructure based on cloud technology (known as the "Polo Strategico Nazionale” - the National Strategic Hub) or the certification of alternative secure and scalable public clouds which will be followed by the migration of public administration datasets and applications. The ultimate goal is to make Italian data centres more secure, increasing their reliability, efficiency and processing capacity.

Total investment cost 900 million
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

Public Administration will be more digital thanks to the transition to a Cloud environment, i.e. towards a global network of servers that enables the saved data to be accessed at any time. The transition to Cloud technology will take place thanks to two complementary models: on one hand central administrations will be able to migrate to the National Strategic Hub (PSN); on the other, it will be possible to migrate to the “public” Cloud of one of the certified market operators.
The PSN infrastructure should be managed by a technology provider selected via a European tender and designed in accordance with the data interoperability standards subsequently defined at European level with the Gaia-X initiative to allow the free exchange of non-personal data between the various Member States, interconnecting their national cloud models. Similar requisites should also be adopted for the prequalification of public cloud providers.
The migration of public administration datasets and applications to the PSN or to providers of secure certified public clouds will depend on the performance, scalability and data sensitivity requirements defined by the various administrations, each of which must maintain their independence in the development of applications and the management of data.
The project will conclude when all interested public administrations have finished moving identified racks to the PSN and the testing of four data centres has been successfully completed, making it possible to begin the process of migrating targeted public administration datasets and applications to the PSN.
The "in scope” Public Administrations include:
• Central public administrations that represent the majority of information communication technology (ICT) spending, like the National Social Security Institute and the Ministry of Justice
• Central Public Administrations that host data in obsolete data centres as per the recent survey on "cloud readiness"
• Local Health Authorities in Central and Southern Italy lacking suitable infrastructure to guarantee data security.

What are the benefits?

All Public Administration services available online thanks to:
  • Citizens and Public Administration personnel will be the first to benefit from such improvements. All Public Administration services available online thanks to
  • a new Cloud infrastructure for PA, at the cutting-edge in terms of performance and security
  • reliable, secure and effective data centres with excellent processing capacity

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates