What is the goal of this investment?

The measure aims to develop new instruments to digitize information regarding aeronautics, reduce the consumption from petrol and the environmental impact, create virtual infrastructures  and implement platforms and services for planes without pilots,  such as drones.

Total investment cost 110 mln
  • Youth
Additional details

To have a more digitised airport system in the entire Country, we envisage a general update of the sector that will examine both the development of new instruments for the digitisation of aeronautic information, as well as the implementation of platforms and services for planes without pilots.  The projects will concentrate on the development and connectivity of the Unmanned Traffic Management System (UTM), the digitisation of aeronautical information, the implementation of cloud infrastructures and the virtualisation of operational infrastructures and the definition of a new maintenance model.

What are the benefits?

More digital airport systems that would allow for:
  • Development of air travel without pilots
  • Less pollution
  • Major efficiency and safety for tourists and travellers

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates