Enlarged partnerships between universities, research centres, businesses and funding of basic research projects

What is the goal of the investment?

To finance 15 major research and innovation programmes, carried out through partnerships between universities, research centres and companies in order to promote a return of scientific research to the real economy.  Processes will be put in place to involve citizens and transfer technology and skills locally, to businesses and to the Public Administration. The investment targets the Italian technology chain and its participation in the European and global value chain 

Total investment cost 1.61 bn
  • Youth
Additional details

The research programmes can be in various fields such as sustainable mobility, alternative energies, superconductors, the prevention and monitoring of climate change, the circular economy in the fashion industry, eco-design, waste management, recycling, biodiversity, self-driving vehicles, vaccines, bio-reactors and water management.  Each programme involves the grouping together of small and medium-sized enterprises around a large one and public research centres, in a spirit of collaboration.  R&D projects will also include investments in human capital and basic research at universities, companies and research centres. 100 temporary researchers will be hired, of which 40% must be female and there must be evenness nationally with the involvement of Southern Italy and the Islands as well

What are the benefits?

  • Greater opportunities for young researchers
  • Closer collaboration between academia and the real economy
  • Greater productivity for small and medium-sized businesses

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates