Plans for upgrading school buildings and making them safe

What is the goal of the investment?

Contribute to the fight against climate change also by improving the energy efficiency of school buildings. In particular, energy classes will be improved, consumption and CO2 emissions will be reduced, and the structural safety of the buildings themselves will be enhanced. Particular attention will be paid to disadvantaged geographical areas.

Total investment cost 3.90 bn
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Youth
Additional details

The actions will target 2.78 million square metres of school buildings, corresponding to approximately 2,100 schools.However, the investment will not concern the call for tenders for natural gas boilers.

What are the benefits?

The redevelopment of school buildings will involve:
  • Safer buildings
  • More sustainable schools
  • Fewer geographical inequalities in terms of schools

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates