What is the goal of the investment?

The objective of the investment is to support the internationalisation of small and mid-size Italian companies, via a fund that issues contributions and favourable loans to companies operating in foreign markets. The Support for SMEs will also include a focus on  production chains with the purpose of sustaining the companies after the crisis caused by the pandemic. 

Total investment cost 1.95 bn
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

The investment would sustain small and mid-sized Italian companies based on two complementary courses of action:

Refinancing of Fund 394/81 managed by SIMEST, that supplies financial support to companies, in particular for small and mid-size companies, in order to sustain their internationalisation through various instruments such as programs for access to foreign markets and e-commerce development.

Competitiveness and resilience of production chains. Consists of financial support to the companies, via the Development Contract instrument, for projects tied to the principal chains of strategic value, like industrial development programs. development programs to protect the environment, sustainable mobility and tourist activities. The interventions mentioned above must be undertaken according to the investment procedures aligned with the objectives of (EU) Regulation 2021/241, even regarding the application of the principal of "not causing significant damage", as further explained in the "Do not cause significant damage  - Technical Guide (2021/C58/01).  This is a guarantee of sustainability and transparency.  

What are the benefits?

  • Investments in support of Italian SMEs to encourage development in terms of innovation and sustainability;
  • Strategic, innovative funding and supply chain projects, with particular attention to the regions of Southern Italy.

Key steps and expenses envisaged

Key Dates