What is the goal of this investment?

The investment aims at improving the application procedures for the PA, launching a new digital platform that makes candidate profiles available to the administrations. The platform will also facilitate the management of human resources, gathering information about the skills of PA employees.

Total investment cost 20.5 mln
  • Youth
Additional details

The investment calls for the creation of a single recruiting platform to centralize public hiring procedures for all of the central Public Administrations, with the commitment to extend the platform's use to the local administrations as well.  Thus to pass from a system based purely on knowledge to a system based principally on appropriate skills and aptitude, where it will be possible to evaluate the skills for carrying out the function of a public official. The recruiting processes will be differentiated between entry-level recruiting, which would have to be purely skills based, and recruitment of specialized profiles, which must combine skill with relevant job experiences and could lead to a higher level career. The Ministry of Public Administration ensures the consistent implementation of the new process among the administrations.  

What are the benefits?

  • New hiring procedures for technical and specialized profiles with short-term contracts for the duration of the implementation of the NRRP projects
  • Reforms meant to revitalise and improve the selection procedures for public employees
  • Moving from a knowledge system to one based on skill and previous experience

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates