What is the goal of the investment?

The investment aims to strengthen Employment Centres to ensure effective services for the unemployed and companies. The measure includes infrastructure investments, the development of regional labour market observatories and the interoperability between regional and national information systems, and training for centre operators. The investment also includes the development of communication channels on the content offered. 

Total investment cost 600 million
  • Youth
  • Gender equality
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
Additional details

500 Employment Centres will be enhanced by the intervention, with activities including the renovation of the Centres’ premises, an IT system upgrade to achieve interoperability with other systems, Centre employee training, institutional communication.  The actions undertaken will include respect for gender equality.  The investment will be accompanied by reform 1 of the same mission and component that established the creation of the Workers' Employability Guarantee (GOL) and a National Plan for New Skills that must offer a more targeted and effective service at the level of territorial coverage as well, also ensuring the training of the unemployed with innovative methods 

What are the benefits?

Strengthening Employment Centres means:
  • Less unemployment
  • Workers with more skills
  • Lower expenditure on welfare and subsidies
  • Improved productivity in the country

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates