Strengthening research structures and creating R&D "national champions" on specific key enabling technologies

What is the goal of the investment?

Create national research centres capable of achieving significant capacity for innovation and research through partnership with other centres, universities and companies.  The selection will take place on the basis of competitive calls for tender, also by participation in consortium. The creation or renewal of important research facilities, the involvement of private parties, the support of start-ups and the generation of spin-offs will be essential to obtain funding 

Total investment cost 1.60 bn
  • Youth
Additional details

Centres undertaking projects associated with fossil fuels, or projects within the scope of the EU Emissions Trading System that do not entail emissions well under the main benchmarks may not be pre-selected. Centres implementing projects concerning landfills or incinerators, or in any way associated with the generation of long-term hazardous waste for the environment, cannot be funded either.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase in R&D in Italy, where it is below the European average
  • Greater links between companies and research centres
  • Creation of jobs for young researchers

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