What is the goal of the investment?

Create highly innovative projects for the treatment and recycling of refuse coming from strategic chains such as electric and electronic devices (RAEE, including photovoltaic panels and wind farms), the paper and carton, textile and plastic industry. A monitoring system through the use of satellites, drones and artificial intelligence, will allow for the prevention of crack downs on illegal landfills. Reaching the European standards will avoid the opening of new infraction procedures for Italy.

Total investment cost 600 million
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Additional details

The EU's plan of action for the circular economy will introduce targets aimed at certain refuse sectors with a strong added value, among them RAEE, paper and carton, plastic and textiles. Italy is still far from it; for example, more than half of the plastic refuse is not recycled but used in energy recovery or sent to the landfill. The investment aims at upgrading the recycling network and treatment plants to reach a percentage of recycling equal to 50% for aluminium, 70% for glass, 75% for paper and carton, and 50% for plastic refuse (via mechanical, chemical recycling, "Plastic Hubs"). Of particular interest is the development of advanced technologies for mechanical and chemical recycling of plastics recovered at sea, referred to as 'marine litter".

What are the benefits?

Enhance waste treatment and recycling to:
  • Dispose of waste more efficiently thanks to state-of-the-art systems
  • Reduce waste materials and increase recycling, with less use of raw materials
  • Eliminate toxic emissions produced by storage
  • Avoid new infraction procedures for Italy

Key steps and expenses envisaged

Key Dates