Implementation of an advanced and integrated monitoring and forecasting system

What is the goal of the investment?

Develop, through the use of advanced technologies, a monitoring system allowing for the identification and forecast of local risks, in particular hydrogeological risks, to develop  effective prevention plans and adequate local planning tools.

Total investment cost 500 million
  • Gender equality
Additional details

Satellite observation systems, drones, remote sensors and other technological tools will allow the monitoring of large swathes of the Italian territory. Tracking data will form the basis for developing plans for risk prevention, including for existing infrastructure, and for adaptation to climate change. Continual monitoring will also make it possible to combat illegal waste disposal and to identify accumulations, identifying their characteristics to be able to proceed with removal subsequently. Central and regional control rooms will allow operators to access information collected from the field and to take action quickly if necessary. Cyber security systems and services will protect information from cyber attacks.

What are the benefits?

  • Precise and continuous collection of local data
  • More precise local planning with adequate prevention measures
  • Possibility of alarm/intervention in real time (forest fires, floods, illegal landfills...)
  • Better safety for the population

Key steps

Key Dates