What is the goal of the investment?

Increase the Italian production of renewable energy and reduce dependence on foreign producers, strengthen the solar panels and battery chains and develop a national leadership in R&D (Research and Development), innovations and patents.

Total investment cost 1 bn
  • Youth
Additional details

The European energy system will undergo a rapid transformation in the coming years, focusing on de-carbonisation technologies. In particular, the sectors where the largest public and private investments are expected are solar and onshore wind, but the role of electrochemical storage will also grow rapidly.  It is important to promote the national chain (both industrial as well as research and development) in the principal sectors of the electrical transition: in a market that today is dominated by Chinese and Asian producers (70% of the solar panel production), for Italy and Europe there is the unique opportunity to develop an industry able to compete at a global level.  The investment envisages two projects: The first one is dedicated to technological competencies necessary to put into operation new productive plants. The second concentrates on production plants for flexible and highly efficient solar panels.

What are the benefits?

A national industry which develops:
  • new jobs, new abilities and new skills
  • investments in infrastructure high-tech and automation, R&D, patents and innovation

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates