What is the goal of the investment?

The goal of the investment is to strengthen the Universal Civil Service to increase the number of young people engaged in non-formal training activities and increase their knowledge and skills.  The measure includes actions to increase awareness of the importance of active citizenship, to promote the employability of youth and social cohesion with a focus on the ecological and digital transition.

Total investment cost 650 million
  • Youth
  • Reduce the gaps in standards of living
  • Gender equality
Additional details

The number of youth participating in Universal Civil Service will increase from 50,000 without incentives to 170,000 after the investment, for a total increase of 120,000.  Furthermore, not only the number of participants but also the quality of Civil Service will be increased.

What are the benefits?

Strengthening the Universal Civil Service means having:
  • Better training for youth and increased human resources
  • Increase in the number of public services
  • Increased employability and employment of youth

Key steps and expected expenditure

Key Dates