Support for start-ups and active venture capital in the ecological transition

What is the goal of the investment?

Encourage and stimulate the growth of an innovation ecosystem focused on the green transition sectors (renewable energy, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, circular economy, waste treatment, batteries) through direct and indirect investments. 

Total investment cost 250 mln
  • Youth
Additional details

Innovation - born in research labs, start-ups or SMEs - is an indispensable element in enabling and accelerating the ecological transition. Italy offers particularly fertile terrain for the development of green start-ups: we are the ninth nation globally for quality of research in the environmental sciences, and among the countries with the largest pool of talent and the best universities for STEM subjects. The clear failure in transferring the results of scientific research to the market (patents and innovative businesses), however, places significant limits on the country's capacity to develop innovative ecological solutions to scale. The goal of the intervention is thus the growth of an innovation ecosystem, with a particular focus on the green transition sectors through direct and indirect venture capital investments. The creation of a dedicated fund is envisaged ("Green Transition Fund", GTF) with an endowment of 250 million Euro and an investment strategy focused on green sectors and covering the various stages of development, with investments in the most important venture capital funds, in start-ups and in incubators/accelerator programs, working alongside the most important VC managers and operators in the system. 

What are the benefits?

  • Support for start-ups and active venture capital

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

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