Protection and enhancement of urban and suburban green areas

What is the goal of the investment?

Plant 6.6 million trees, create 6,600 hectares of new forests, preserve and enhance local biodiversity to improve the quality of life and air in 14 metropolitan cities, increasingly exposed to air pollution, the impact of climate change and loss of biodiversity, with evident negative effects on the well-being and health of citizens. 

Total investment cost 330 million
  • Youth
  • Gender equality
Additional details

It is called natural capital and must be increased in all ways, by redeveloping urban parks, planting new trees, creating forests, making the streets, squares and roofs of our cities greener: urban forestry, according to many studies, is the most effective and economical solution for mitigating city air and noise pollution, increasing biodiversity, reducing energy consumption and improving not only the urban landscape and that of the outskirts, but also the quality of life of the inhabitants. The action includes a series of large-scale measures to protect existing green areas and create new urban forests and forests in the outskirts, planting over 6.6 million trees. Biodiversity will be preserved and enhanced, protecting the ecological processes linked to the full functionality of ecosystems.  

What are the benefits?

  • Better quality of air and life in 14 metropolitan cities
  • More protected biodiversity
  • Planting of 6.6 million trees to create urban forests/forests in the outskirts and combat pollution

Key steps and Expenses envisaged

Key Dates