Italy’s application for payment of the first installment of the NRRP funds has been sent to the European Commission


Italy has achieved all 51 goals set for 2021 and has applied for the disbursement of the first installment of 24.1 billion euros

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Having achieved on schedule all 51 milestones and targets indicated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for 2021, Italy has sent the European Commission a request for the disbursement of the first installment of NRRP funds.

The achievement of the 51 goals and objectives "is the result of a collective effort, which involved the Government as well as operational structures at all levels. Parliament has made an essential contribution to this accomplishment, managing to approve in a timely manner reforms and regulations crucial to the Plan’s success. Our gratitude also goes out to the European Commission, whose offices have accompanied us throughout the process", underlined Prime Minister Mario Draghi in his introduction to the Report on the state of implementation of the NRRP

The first installment, which follows the disbursement in August of €24.9 bn as pre-financing, has a total value of €24.1 bn (€11.5 bn in grants and €12.6 bn in loans). From this figure must be deducted, proportionately, the share of pre-financing (13%) already received by Italy, for a net disbursement of 21 billion euros. The transfer of funds from the European Commission will take place in the coming months, following the evaluation process on the achievement of the 51 milestones and targets as provided for in the regulations.


Milestones and targets achieved by Mission

The milestones and targets for the first year of NRRP spanned across all six Missions of the Plan, concerning mainly the green and digital transition, as well as social and territorial cohesion.
The Missions with the highest amount of achieved goals were M1 "Digitization, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism" and M2 "Green revolution and transition”.