Social Media Policy

This social media policy explains the rules of conduct to be followed along with the contents and reporting method that should be expected in interactions with official accounts related to ItaliaDomani, the portal of the National Recovery and Reliance Plan for Italy (NRRP).

Scope of Application

The social media accounts of ItaliaDomani are managed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Currently, official profiles are active on the following platforms:

Other social media profiles referring in any way to the NRRP, the ItaliaDomani Portal or the individual Departments or Offices are not managed by the Council Presidency.


Information is conveyed through the social media channels on activities, initiatives and events related to the planning, implementation and assessment of the NRRP interventions. Public interest in these matters is an essential requirement: the social media profiles of ItaliaDomani are not used to address personal cases.

Contents consisting of texts, photographs, infographics, videos and other multimedia materials published on the social media profiles of ItaliaDomani are considered subject to the CC-BY 4.0 licence. They may, therefore, be freely distributed and reused, provided that the source is always indicated, together with, if possible, the URL at which the reproduced contents are published. 

Content of public interest may be shared or published by other users through the ItaliaDomani social media channels. In these cases, the reliability of the source is verified but its contents are not automatically certified. Responses, comments and posts published by other users - which should always be presented with the name and surname - represent the opinion of those users, who remain solely liable for the accuracy or otherwise of what is posted. 

The presence of any advertising contents in the margin of what is published on the social media channels is not under the control of the operator of the individual profiles, as it is dealt with autonomously by the different platforms.

Rules on use

Users who interact with comments and messages on the ItaliaDomani social media profiles are asked to comply with simple rules of good manners and respect. Everyone is asked to state their position correctly and fairly and to respect the opinion of others.   

Each user is responsible for the contents published and opinions expressed on the social media channels. The following behaviours are not tolerated:

  • insults, foul language, vulgarity, offensiveness, threats; 
  • advertising, spam, insertion of links to off-topic external websites or those promoting private interests or illegal activities; sexual content or links to sexual content;
  • violent, offensive or discriminatory behaviours with respect to gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal beliefs, ethnic origins, disability;
  • information that may compromise the security or integrity of public systems;
  • contents that violate the interest of legal property or contents that infringe copyright or the unauthorised use of registered trademarks;
  • sales solicitations;
  • comments or posts that include sensitive data in violation of privacy laws;
  • promotions of fund-raising, products, services and political organisations.

The following behaviours are also discouraged and may be moderated: 

  • references to circumstances or details of no public relevance;
  • irrelevant (off-topic) comments; 
  • comments and posts clearly aimed at aggravating the discussion; 
  • interventions entered repeatedly.


The ItaliaDomani social media channels are overseen and monitored, ordinarily, from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 6:30pm. Moderation, on the platforms that permit it, occurs at a later stage - namely after publication - and is aimed at restricting any behaviours contrary to the rules of use listed above. 

Contents, comments and posts that violate the rules indicated above in this document may be hidden or removed. Those who continuously break the rules or seriously infringe those terms or the terms contained in the policies of the tools adopted will be banned, blocked and/or reported to the operators of the platform and possibly to the police. 

Any sensitive data (for example, email addresses, telephone numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, etc.) posted by third parties in comments or public posts on the ItaliaDomani channels will, if possible, be removed.


The personal data of users collected in relation to use of the ItaliaDomani social media channels will be processed in compliance with the legislation in force on privacy as well as the policies used by the platforms involved.


Users can send any communications, for example to report any misuse, to: